Centre de Recherche en Ethnomusicologie

Ce site n’est plus à jour et disparaîtra prochainement !
Les informations actualisées se trouvent sur https://lesc-cnrs.fr/crem
Centre de recherche en ethnomusicologie
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The Research Center in Ethnomusicology (CREM) is heir to the former Ethnomusicology Department of the Musée de l’Homme (1929-2008), and has been part of the Research Team in Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (LESC – UMR 7186) since 2007. The CREM is dedicated to the study of musical practices and knowledge worldwide.

Based on ethnography and a systematic collection of musical data, its approach pertains to an anthropology of music conceived in its socio-cultural, aesthetic, formal, acoustic, kinesthetic and cognitive dimensions. The Center investigates new research topics such as the embodiment of musical and choreographic skills, the cultural and cognitive production of musical emotion, the interconnectedness of sensory modalities, the ecology of sonic environments, the construction and emergence of musical systems. Its researchers also create new modalities of musical representation, such as their “listening clues” (clés d’écoute) : these multimedia devices guide the general public towards crucial aspects of specific musical expressions.

The themes developed by the researchers – either individually or in research groups – are regularly presented at the CREM doctoral seminar.

The CREM manages a large collection of sound archives inherited from the Musée de l’Homme and accumulated over more than a century. With more than 4,000 hours of unpublished fieldwork recordings and about 4,000 hours of published documents, these archives of great patrimonial value are made available online through the collaborative platform Telemeta. The collections are constantly nourished through the researchers’ fieldwork. The recordings are used as materials for new research, as preparation for new fieldwork, and for the training of graduate students.

A library of over 3,000 books dedicated to ethnomusicology is available for students and researchers.

CREM researchers, lecturers and professors hold important responsibilities at the Anhropology department of Paris Ouest Nanterre – La Défense University, as well as at the Musicology Department of Paris 8 – St Denis University. Numerous graduate students from these universities are members of the CREM, which offers them a stimulating scientific and logistic environment.